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Are you thinking about purchasing a property in the Bahamas?

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This site has been created to help you avoid the problems that many have faced when trying to purchase real estate in the Bahamas.

I have been traveling to the Bahamas and conducting business there for several decades and can assist by providing expertise regarding the purchase of real estate.

Best of all, my services are available to you free of charge!

How does this work?

I have a number of pre-screened Realtors (and other business professionals) that are available to assist you in your search.

When you call for a free consultation, we will discuss your goals and I will put you in touch with a Realtor best suited to your needs.

I am compensated by virtue of pre-existing referral agreements with several of the larger brokerages in the Bahamas. You are under no obligation to use my services or the agent that I put you in touch with.

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